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Factory New. New Overstock. Fully Refurbished

MRO is your Most Reliable Option for new and used automation equipment with stocking warehouses around the globe. MRO’s dedicated team can locate hard-to-find units and components. All equipment is backed by its original OEM warranty or the MRO 20-month warranty. Due to ever-changing stock conditions, all sales are final.

We Buy Equipment

MRO helps manufacturers, distributors, OEM’s and automation equipment experts eliminate excess inventory. Turn old, obsolete or unused equipment into cash. We purchase units from around the world, and we are always looking increase inventory in our international warehouses.

Request a Quote

Are you looking for new or refurbished unit or simply want a repair quote? MRO can provide you with a no obligation price, and we do it faster than the competition. You wait less. You get better value.


The Warranty

All equipment is fully tested and backed by our 20-month warranty.